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Overcompensate my childhood


  Woooow, it is the final week!! So here it is my final four toys.  The whole story starts from the reverse culture shock I had when I went back to China last summer. The QR code is just, everywhere. Even the people from local farmer’s market put their QR codes out in front of Continue reading WEEK 6


For this week, I started with 3D printing another model but I adjusted size of the base so that nothing sticks out too much at QR’s bottom.  The printed result looks like this:   Then I removed the head from the original toy like I did last time: Then I started to sand QR: 1. Continue reading WEEK 4

Week 3

So this week, the first thing I did was to write the segmentation code for extracting block structures from the QR code. The code below is the most important part of the program to extract a block.  After running the program, it generates 73 blocks. I wrote all of them into a file write another Continue reading Week 3

For a FAILED QR code experimentation

The very basic idea of my toy is to use QR code to encode an extra layer of information into the  already existed character. A mini statue of Washington will bear the information about dinosaurs (George Washington never knew dinosaurs exist). A batman toy will point players to a cliche website talking about life work Continue reading For a FAILED QR code experimentation