Undergraduate VIP

Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Program

The Laboratory for Agile and Resilient Complex Systems (LARX) invites undergraduate students who are interested in the VIP on Smart Internet of Controlled Things.


The Internet of Things foresees a highly networked future, where every object is integrated to interact with each other, allowing for communications between objects, as well as between humans and objects, which enables the control of intelligent systems in our daily lives. This project aims to design and prototype smart, resilient and secure IoTs that can adapt to changing environment, uncertainties, and adversarial behaviors. This project will allow students to leverage knowledge from communications, signal processing, and systems and control to build applications including smart homes, smart healthcare, smart grids and smart building.

Interested students should contact VIP Director at voltz@nyu.edu. For more information on the program, please see http://engineering.nyu.edu/research/student/vip