EL-GY 9223 Reinforcement Learning for Complex Systems

Course Description:

This course is a graduate level course focusing on the theory and practice of reinforcement learning. Reinforcement learning is a paradigm that focuses on the question: How to interact with an environment when the decision maker’s current action affects future consequences. This course provides an accessible in-depth treatment of reinforcement learning and dynamic programming methods using function approximators. The course starts with a concise introduction to Markov Decision Processes and optimal control problems, in order to build the foundation. We present an extensive review of state-of- the-art approaches to dynamic programming and reinforcement learning with approximations. Theoretical guarantees are discussed on the solutions obtained, and numerical examples and applications are used to illustrate the properties of the individual methods.


The course is offered as an advanced topic graduate course. The pre-requisites or co- requisites for this course are EL-GY 6233 System Optimization Methods, EL-GY 6253 Linear Systems, and EL-GY 6303 Probability and Stochastic Processes, or their equivalent.


  • Quizzes and Participation: 10%
  • Homeworks: 30%
  • Project 1: 30%
  • Project 2: 30%

Main References:

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Additional References:

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Course Schedule:

Lecture 1        Introduction to stochastic systems and dynamic programming

Lecture 2        Dynamic programing in infinite horizon

Lecture 3        Reinforcement learning

Lecture 4        Stochastic approximation algorithm

Lecture 5        Convergence results of RL algorithms, Multi-armed bandit problems

Lecture 6         Efficient exploration techniques

Lecture 7        Competitive MDP and stochastic games

Lecture 8        Competitive MDP and stochastic games

Lecture 9        No-regret learning

Lecture 10     No-regret learning

Lecture 11      Learning in games

Lecture 12      Learning in games

Lecture 13      Large population games