Mini Course on Game Theory for Cyber-Physical Security

Title: Game-Theoretic Approach to Security and Resilience of Cyber-Physical Systems

Location: University of Seville

Time: Oct. 25, 2018

Speaker: Quanyan Zhu

Abstract: Game theory is an emerging modeling tool in engineering to capture complex interactions in large-scale intelligent systems such as autonomous systems, smart cities and the Internet of Things. Also, game theory is a quantitative method to understand conflicts and contentions among players or systems. These features make the theory an appropriate tool to model and design secure and resilient cyber-physical and human systems. In this talk, we will first give a short introduction to the theory and its applications. Then, we will present a meta-game approach to the multi-layer and multi-type cyber and physical interactions to provide a holistic analytical framework for assessing cyber risks of CPS under advanced persistent threats. We will leverage the theory as a guideline for developing security-hardening strategies for the network security and designing resilient controllers to respond to failures. We use the Internet of Controlled Things and the autonomous systems as case studies to illustrate the design methodologies.

Presentation Slides: Downloadable rom here.