CGPH Marks First Anniversary as a College: Note From the Dean

Dear Colleagues:

One year ago this week, the Board of Trustees established the College of Global Public Health here at NYU. As we mark this first anniversary milestone, I’d like to take the opportunity to underscore how grateful we are to all our students, staff, faculty and colleagues for their tremendous support and hard work in this formative twelve months, which have been hectic but amazingly productive ones. Our future is enormously bright — here are just a few highlights below:


None of this could have been accomplished without the tenacity and esprit de corps of our amazing faculty and staff. I mark this occasion by saying how appreciative we are to you and how optimistic I am for the exciting years that lie ahead for us all as we work together to reinvent the public health paradigm.
Thank You,
Cheryl G. Healton, DrPH, Dean
College of Global Public Health