Precarious Sounds, Sounding Sanctuary

February 12 – March 11, 2018
Avery Fisher Center for Music & Media
Elmer Holmes Bobst Library (7th floor)
70 Washington Square, South New York, NY 10012
Free entrance

Precarious Sounds // Sounding Sanctuary is a month-long exhibit that addresses the sonic elements of the community struggle against precarity and anti-immigration policies both in the current moment and with a long historical ear. The exhibit embraces the material culture of sounding in the sanctuary movement, indigenous sovereignty struggles across the globe, and the histories of fugitivity and precarity. The exhibit is curated by members of the conference committee for the Precarious Sounds // Sounding Sanctuary conference, a two-day series of panels, performances, and conferences hosted by the NYU FAS Music Department on February 16-17, 2018. This exhibit is among the first for the newly-renovated Avery Fisher Center for Music & Media in Bobst Library at New York University.

More information will be provided here about the objects on display.