About the Organizers

We are a diverse group of graduate student scholars, composers, and performers who came together to draft a call for papers and performances that address twin themes of precarity and sanctuary as they relate to sound. This conference comes out of discussion surrounding our department’s support of the movement to create Sanctuary on our campus. This movement fights for material, legal, and emotional support for undocumented community members and for those affected by recent federal US travel restrictions. We hope for this conference to advance a nuanced conversation about precarity, sound, and sanctuary.

Adele Fournet
Brian Fairley
Charlie Kozey
Chris Nickell
Daphne Carr
Derek Baron
Elisa Corona Aguilar
Grace Osborne
Joel Rust
Marcus Pyle
Merche Blasco
Samantha Cooper
Sofy Yuditskaya
Viola Yip

Faculty advisor: Prof. Christine Dang