The NYU Production Lab supports select filmmakers and their projects through the development studio (both episodic & screenwriting programs) and film financing.  Applications are required for acceptance into these programs.

We also support the entire NYU filmmaking community by offering reservable, creative spaces and industry-focused events.  See below for more details.


The Development Studio: Episodic & Screenwriting

The NYU Production Lab offers two Development Studio programs: Screenwriting (nine-month program, typically running February through August) and Episodic (summer workshops).

The screenwriting studio works with select writers to develop a 200-word idea into a feature-length screenplay over the course of nine months, with the goal to submit the finished product to the Production Lab’s Slate for production support. 

The episodic studio is a three-part program designed to support writers developing serial content ideas over the course of the summer, with the goal of pitching the project to financiers and industry partners at the conclusion of the program.

The Slate: (Post) Production Film Financing

Do you have a feature-length script and need help financing production?  Have you finished shooting your film, but are looking for funds to color correct or mix your audio?  Each fall, the Production Lab opens applications to invest money and other resources into the next generation of storytellers. 

How We Support Our Slate of Films

Film Financing

The Production Lab makes equity investments in long-form cinematic content: feature-length narrative films, feature documentaries, and series concepts.  Want to know if you are eligible to apply for Lab funding? Check out our FAQ’s for answers.


Marketing & Distribution Collaboration

The Production Lab considers films to be excellent catalysts for network-building and career-launching interdisciplinary collaboration. Since 2015, the NYU Production Lab, together with the Stern Signature Projects, pairs Lab-supported filmmakers with MBA students who are pursuing careers in entertainment, media, and technology.  Together they develop and execute proactive, filmmaker-focused marketing and distribution strategies that can position a film for success in the marketplace.  

Post Production Partnerships

The Production Lab is continuously developing partnerships with post production houses in NYC and abroad to advocate for almost-finished films that may need a little extra help getting through post, sound, and color correction. We work with supportive post houses and vendors to broker valuable deals for filmmakers on our slate, finding the best fit for the creative work, the timeline, and the budget.  



Industry Events

Events at the Production Lab are designed to bring students and alumni closer together and closer to their careers. Through targeted events and series, students from across disciplines have an opportunity to meet each other, thereby growing a valuable network of peers pursuing careers in the film industry, and learn from experts in the broad entertainment media landscape. Our programming is intended to help students transform classroom learning into their first foray into a creative career. 


The Production Lab offers co-working space for all NYU students and alumni who are working on a film project.  Within our space at 16 Washington Place (lower level), we offer reservable rooms to host meetings, auditions, screenings, and more.  Flexible common spaces allow production teams to expand as needed, among fellow creative filmmakers.

Creator Network

The Creator Network is an online platform that connects the NYU Creative Community. Browse creatives’ profiles to find and connect with your next Marketer, Costume Designer, Recording Artist, and more from NYU’s diverse talent.