Space for the Business of Storytelling

16 Washington Place (lower level)

Summer Hours: 10am – 6pm (M-Th), 10am-4pm (F)

*Closed Weekends

 For security purposes, all non-NYU badge holders MUST be registered at the time of room booking (or mailed to at least 24-hours in advance of the meeting AND provided in hard copy at the street-level reception) in order to gain access to the space.  Non-badge holders will be refused entrance if not on an invite list.

The NYU Production Lab is a space to collaborate and meet with your creative team, audition actors, host screenings, table reads, and much more!  We have 3 reservable spaces which can be individually reserved via the arrow buttons below.

Please review individual room details below to determine which suits your needs, and please remember that this space is for students, faculty, and alums having a film-related production meeting or event.   All bookers are responsible for setting up the room and returning it to the state in which they found it. Please be considerate of others’ time and space needs by not booking more than is required for your meeting or event.  Please note that physical production shoots are not permitted in the space (a small camera set-up for recording auditions is of course fine).