The Program

Sunday, 30 March 

8:00pm  An Evening Film Concert: Orphans 9 Begins
• Greetings from Sandra den Hamer & Giovanna Fossati (EYE), Marijke de Valck (UvA), & Dan Streible (NYU)
Simona Monizza (EYE) introduces abstract animated films by Maarten Visser, musical accompaniment by Marcel Worms (with additional music by Ron Sadoff’s NYU Film Scoring students Erica Jung, Aaron Kenny, Massimo Sammi, and Joseph Twist)
Elif Rongen-Kaynakçi (EYE)  the premiere of the restored East Is West (1922) with accompanist Stephen Horne


Monday, 31 March

9:45 am Orphans Orientation on Obsolescence
Josephine Baker Visits Volendam (Fox Movietone, 1928)
About the Orphan Film Symposium Dan Streible
Giovanna Fossati Why the Future of Obsolescence?
Dan Streible Another New Look at Edison Kinetoscopic Record of a Sneeze (W. K. L. Dickson, 1894)

10:45am Thomas Elsaesser (UvA) The Poetics of Obsolescence

11:30 am Transmitting Archival Knowledge
Giovanna Fossati (EYE / UvA) Restoring the Colors of Early Cinema
Julia Noordegraaf (UvA) & Simona Monizza (EYE) Hacking the Bart Vegter Collection
Eef Masson (UvA) moderates a roundtable with the speakers and Bill Brand (NYU MIAP), Snowden Becker (UCLA MIAS), and Martin Koerber (Deutsche Kinemthek)

2pm  Media Archaeology
Susan Aasman  (U of Groningen) Staging the Amateur Dispositif, a performance with Andreas Fickers (U of Luxembourg), Tom Slootweg (U of Groningen), Tim van der Heijden , Jo Wachelder (U of Maastricht), & Guy Edmonds
Monika Supruniuk (Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw) Kazimierz Prószyński and OKO: The first Polish amateur movie camera (1914)
Alexandra Schneider (UvA) Children as Media Archaeologists

4:15pm  Reassemblage
Matt Soar (Concordia U, Montreal) Lost Leaders Project
Benedict Olgado (NFA Philippines) & Bill Brand (BB Optics) Restoring the Fragments of On the Way to India Consciousness, I Reached China (Henry Francia, 1968)
Walter Forsberg & John Klacsmann present Technicolor NG (1967)

8:15 pm  The Helen Hill Award for Independent Filmmaking
Bill Morrison introduces the premiere of his La Trochita (Narrow Gauge)
Doug Goodwin (Cal Arts) On Polaroid Thoughtography, with a sneak preview of Detour de Force (Rebecca Baron, 2014)
Helen Hill Award conferred on Werner Nekes by Becky Lewis (Columbia, South Carolina) and filmmaker Jodie Mack
Start (Nekes, 1966)  newly restored by Deutsche Kinemathek with EYE
Franziska Latell (Berlin U of the Arts) introduces Werner Nekes
Werner Nekes presents his collection of optical devices

Tuesday, 1 April

9:45 am Remarks for the Good of the Order: Old Radio Bonfire (Fox Movietone News, 1929)

10am  New Research Networks for Obsolete Media
Mark G. Cooper (U of South Carolina) Metadata and the Future of the Humanities
Karen Cariani (WGBH Archive) Working with Scholars to Improve Access to Media Archives
Mark J. Williams (Dartmouth College) The Media Ecology Project: More and Better Scholarly Access to Historical Media
Scott Curtis (Northwestern U in Qatar) moderator

11:45am  Digital Decay and Remobilization
Bill Morrison introduces Egyptian (Whirling Dervishes) Dancers (Fox Movietone News, 1928)
Evan Meaney (U of South Carolina) de_ca/ Archival Encryption, Encoding, and Error as Narrative   
Heidi Rae Cooley  (U of South Carolina) Finding Augusta in a Digital World: The App.  
+ [The Other Augustas] (Scott Nixon, 195?) and interview with Cobbs Nixon (Laura Kissel, 2014)

2pm When Workers Leave the Factory: Amateur Films in the Eastern Bloc, 1960s-1980s   
Chronicles of Izhor-Film (People’s Film Studio Izhor-Film, Leningrad, USSR, ca. 1987)
Chris Wahl (HFF Potsdam) “Grab the Camera, Pal!”: The Film Studio of Iron Hut Combine Eisenhüttenstadt
            Archäo-Logisches [Archaeo-Logical Stuff],(EKO Eisenhüttenstadt, 1966)
Ralf Forster (Filmmuseum Potsdam) Useful Humor and Releasing Laughter: Satirical Shorts in Amateur Cinema of the GDR
            Milchig-Trübe [Milky Fishy] (Amateur Film Studio, Potsdam, 1983)
            Der Favorit  [The Favorite] (Angelika and Horst Butter, Berlin, 1982)
            Der Minister kommt [The Minister Comes] (Frank Dietrich, Amateur Film Studio Senftenberg, 1984)
Jiří Horníček (Czech National Film Archive) Against the War and Totalitarian Power: Socio-Political Reflection in Amateur Animated Films
            X + Y (TIGR — Koplík-Groz-Tichý, 1963)
            Mašinerie  [Machinery] (Pavel Bárta and Zdeněk Lorenz, 1985)
Maria Vinogradova (NYU) “Soviet Amateurs Are So Serious”
            Na odnoi zemle  [On the Same Earth] (People’s Film Studio at DK Proftekhobrazovania, Leningrad, 1976)

4pm Transportation Technologies
May Haduong (Academy Film Archive) Aloha Wanderwell: To See the World by Car (1935-37)
Yvonne Zimmermann (Philipps-Universität Marburg) Hans Richter’s Die Eroberung des Himmels (Conquest of the Sky) (1938)
Sabrina Negri (U of Chicago) for Reto Kromer ( Kern lens test film for Apollo 11 (1969)
Paul Spehr & Mark-Paul Meyer (EYE) Mutoscope and Biograph 68mm films (1897-1902)

8pm  Silent Night
Elif Rongen-Kaynakçi (EYE) and Jeff Lambert (NFPF) with repatriation news
Ned Thanhouser introduces the newly preserved Clarence Cheats at Croquet (Thanhouser, 1915)
Ron Magliozzi & Peter Williamson (Museum of Modern Art, New York) present rediscovered rushes from the unreleased Darktown Troubles (Biograph, ca. 1913-14)   music by Stephen Horne
Jacqueline Stewart (U of Chicago) segues to A Frontier Post (Fox, US, 1925)

Wednesday, 2 April
9:45am  Gregorio Rocha (Archivia Films) A note about the Mexican Revolution

10am Detritus
Antonia Lant (NYU) on Teclópolis (2009, Can Can Club, Argentina)  
Charles Musser (Yale U) on Industry’s Disinherited (Unions Films, 1949)
Dan Streible for Grover Crisp (Sony Pictures Entertainment) How Death of a Salesman (1951) Became an Orphan Work + the never-released Career of a Salesman (Columbia Pictures, 1951)  

FORWARD: The EU Directive for a Registry of Audiovisual Orphan Works
Géraldine Vooren (EYE legal counsel), Nicola Mazzanti (Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique / ACE), Thomas Christensen (ACE / Danish Film Institute), Howard Besser (NYU), with moderator Aubéry Escande (EYE / European Library)

12:00  Restorations
Rob Byrne (San Francisco Silent Film Festival) Not Gone but Definitely Forgotten: Resurrecting The Last Edition (1925)
Martin Koerber (Deutsche Kinemathek) & Andrea Krämer (Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft, Berlin) Digital Restoration of 1930s Gasparcolor Films

2:15pm Archivos de América Latina
Juana Suárez (Proimágenes Colombia / Fundación Patrimonio Fílmico Colombiano ) Outtakes from Gloria Triana’s  Yuruparí (FOCINE-Audiovisuales, 1983-86) documenting Colombia’s Afrodescendant and indigenous cultures
Andrés Levinson, Paula Félix-Didier (Museo del Cine, Buenos Aires), & Leandro Listorti (ARCA — Archivo Regional de Cine Amateur) present Cine Amateur Argentina
Caperucita Roja (Little Red Riding Hood, Jorge Mendez Delfino, 1933) 16mm
Caperucita Roja Inesita (Inés Mendez Delfino, 1960) 8mm
Perros en paracaidas[Dogs Parachute into Antarctica] (Gustavo Giró, 1963)

4:45pm  Eastern European Archives
Elvira Diamanti, Eriona Vyshka, & Andi Lubonja (Albanian Film Archive) with Thomas Logoreci (Marubi Academy of Film) The Albanian Cinema Project  
KF-16 [Albanian dances] (Ramazan Bogdani, 1972)
excerpts from new restorations, including Nëntori i dytë (The Second November) (1982) and Tomka and His Friends (1977), compiled by Regina Longo;
Elżbieta Wysocka (Filmoteka Narodowa) Restoring the Non Camera Movies and Techniques of Julian Józef Antonisz
*Ostry film “zaangażowany”: non camera [A Hard-Core Engaged Film] (1979)
*Światło w tunelu [A Light in the Tunnel] (1985)
*Polska Kronika Non Camerowa nr.-1 [The Polish Non-Camera Newsreel] (1981)

8:30 pm  American Independents
Jeff Lambert (NFPF) introduces the launch of the DVD set Treasures 6: Next Wave Avant-garde, and a 35mm screening of Chicago Loop (James Benning, 1976); restoration by Academy Film Archive and Austrian Film Museum
Frank Scheffer & Paul Cohen introduce their new work Zoetrope People (1980/2014)
Dennis Doros (Milestone Films) & Mary Huelsbeck (Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research) ‘Lost’ Films of Shirley Clarke