Students who consider themselves English Language Learners (or students whose first or primary language is not English), are eligible to receive extra writing support from our on-campus Academic Writing Specialist.  You may visit Alicia for help with particular writing assignments, for general information about writing resources, or to discuss writing for your job or internship.  Please arrange an appointment by emailing Alicia at alg494@nyu.edu.


 Sign up for a writing tutoring session with RLA  Marya Carter 

 Sign up for a peer tutoring session with Zach Banks

These student-driven, interdisciplinary sessions can be helpful at any stage of the writing process.  Students should bring a writing task from any of their courses to the session, and can expect Marya  or Zach  to help them brainstorm, organize ideas, review a whole draft, check citations, etc. Like the Global Writing Center, these tutoring sessions will focus principally on Higher Order Concerns (the ideas, argument, structure…) and students should not expect the NYU Washington, DC Writing Tutors to help them polish up a draft that is under-performing in its content.

The NYU Washington, DC Writing Tutors will not help students with any kind of exam or assessment, including take home exams and writing proficiency exams for jobs or internships. 



LS First Year Away students who are English Language Learners can set up an appointment with  Dr. Ida Chavoshan, the Faculty-Student Liason for ESL.

All appointments for First Year Away students are through the Google Hangouts link. The Appointment Hours Schedule is below, listed as “New York” time (Eastern Standard Time). 
  • General Office Hours (25-minute slots):   Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00-12:00 PM
  • Writing Hours (50-minute slots):   Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00-4:00 PM; Wednesdays from 10:00-12:00 PM and 3:00-5:00 PM
When making an appointment, please make sure to write your name and “FYA” in parentheses. In addition, keep in mind the time difference, if any. 


Students can arrange for a remote tutoring session (via Google Hangouts) with the Writing Center for the Global Network.  Tutors at this center focus principally on Higher Order Concerns (the ideas, argument, or structure of the draft rather than the sentence-level work).  This is not an editing service, and students should not expect the Writing Center to help them polish up a draft that is under-performing in its content.  The Writing Center for the Global Network accepts papers for all subjects and courses, and is a valuable resource for students as they draft and finalize essays or other writing projects.  To make an appointment, review the instructions here.





Episode 1: JOURNALING (listen here!)

Episode 2: CREATIVITY (listen here!)

Episode 3: GRATITUDE (listen here!)


As the University’s policy on “Academic Integrity for Students at NYU” states:

“At NYU, a commitment to excellence, fairness, honesty, and respect within and outside the classroom is essential to maintaining the integrity of our community.  By accepting membership in this community, students take responsibility for demonstrating these values in their own conduct and for recognizing and supporting these values in others.”

Students at Global Academic Centers must follow the University and school policies.

The presentation of another person’s words, ideas, judgment, images, or data as though they were your own, whether intentionally or unintentionally, constitutes an act of plagiarism.

NYU Washington, DC takes plagiarism very seriously; penalties follow and may exceed those set out by your home school.  All your written work must be submitted as a hard copy AND in electronic form to the instructor.  Your instructor may ask you to sign a declaration of authorship form.

It is also an offense to submit work for assignments from two different courses that is substantially the same (be it oral presentations or written work).  If there is an overlap of the subject of your assignment with one that you produced for another course (either in the current or any previous semester), you MUST inform your professor.

For guidelines on academic honesty, clarification on the definition of plagiarism, examples of procedures and sanctions, and resources to support proper citation, please visit this site.