Participate behind the scenes in a DC Dialogues event and meet professionals, public figures, and special guests while receiving Potomac and Excursion Points.

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Volunteer Roles

Training is provided, no experience necessary to sign up.

Check In
Stand at the table near the entrance and check guests in for the event. If a guest is not registered and there is seating available, collect their name and email.

Live Tweeting
Live-tweet the discussion (quotes, USTREAM link, live photos, and content throughout the program)

Photography Camera will be provided
Capture photos of all event aspects i.e. reception, event, Q&A, etc.

Mic Runners/Ushers
Stand halfway down the stairs on one side of the auditorium, and as the moderator selects audience members to ask questions hand the guest the microphone and then take it back once the question is asked.

Receive Points for Volunteering: 
Every event volunteered = 3 Potomac Points  
Every two events volunteered = 25 Excursion Points

DC Dialogues is a student-led initiative created to engage the NYU DC community in key discussions on politics, culture, business, environment, education – and more. Through active participation from the student body, DC Dialogues will convene prominent experts of various perspectives to discuss matters most captivating to students.

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