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ACADEMICS | Complete Your Course Evals

Completing your course evaluations is easy—you should be able to complete them in under 5 minutes—and it has a direct impact on the learning environment at NYU.  Please visit the NYU Course Evaluations webpage between Sun., Nov. 25 and Sun., Dec. 9 to learn more and submit your evals!

Klein Foundation Internship Award & Reynolds Foundation Fellows Program | Due Fri., Oct. 5

The Robert O. Owens and Eve Klein Foundation has established an award for students pursuing a career in investigative reporting. The $1000 award will be granted to a deserving student participating in a Washington, DC-based internship, with a strong preference for placement of the student in the investigative unit of a print, online or broadcast outlet.  This opportunity is open for all undergraduate students who spend at least one semester at NYU Washington, DC.  Apply by Friday, October 5.


Through the generosity of the Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation, NYU Washington, DC is able to provide a stipend of up to $2000 to an NYU Washington, DC student. This merit-based award considers student achievement as well as financial hardship. Once selected, in addition to funding, students will have special mentor opportunities and may be presented with unique experiences and attend special high-profile events in Washington, DC.  Apply by Friday, October 5.

WRITING | Tutoring Appointments Available

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You can now schedule an appointment to meet with RLA Marya for a 30-minute writing tutoring appointment during on Sundays from 2:30-5:30pm and Wednesdays from 4-6pm.

JOB POSTING | Paid Student Writing Fellow | Apply by Mon., Sep. 3

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Earn $15 per hour helping your NYU Washington, DC peers write better essays this semester – learn more and apply by Mon., Sep. 3!

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