To make an appointment with a member of the NYU DC Academics Team, please use the link below:
The Academics Team is happy to discuss any of the following:
    • site or NYU academic policies and procedures, 
    • upcoming absences that might be excused (illness, religious obligation, etc.),
    • issues you may be having in your classes in DC, 
    • issues you might be having at your internship site,
    • tying your co-curricular experiences in with your academic/professional aspirations, 
    • how to pass/fail or withdraw from a course, or
    • if you just don’t know where to get your question answered, we’re happy to help you find out and connect you to the proper people

Your home-school academic advisors and/or faculty/departmental advisors are still the point people for questions about:

  • whether a course will count toward your major/minor,
  • whether pass/failing or withdrawing from a course will impact your academic progress,
  • 4-year academic plans,
  • declaring a major/minor,
  • planning for courses for the following semester
 Although the following are not strictly academic resources, we include information here on other types of appointments you might have been trying to find/Google:
  • Wellness/Counseling/Health-care Appointments
  • Career Coaching Appointments
    • If you are a NYU NYC student, you can make an appointment with a NYC Career Coach over Skype (If you are an NYU Abu Dhabi or NYU Shanghai student, you should contact your home school’s career office).