Ever Evolving: Anti-Cheating, Live Virtual Learning and Remote Tutoring


Seeking to diversify support of online learning, NYU-Poly has introduced a number of new programs to improve the learning experience.

In an effort to combat cheating during online exams, NYU-Poly has partnered with ProctorU, a leading vendor of remote proctoring. The vendor confirms a student’s identity during online, timed exams and uses screen sharing and video observation. Online students taking exams anywhere in the world, can now be observed by a live proctor. This fall, the program is required for all online Cyber Security students.

NYU-Poly has a new online learning format called: Live Virtual Learning. This new format uses professional HD video streaming, offering faculty the option of delivering “live” on campus lectures to remote students. Utilizing the top streaming vendor, Live Stream, these Live Virtual Learning courses are truly high quality live video. In addition, students can communicate with their professors and fellow peers using a VOIP line and/or a chat room feature. The sessions are also archived for later review. Traditionally developed online materials will be combined with the Live Virtual Learning format.

This HD video streaming access is now available to online students enrolled in NYU-Poly’s Master’s in Organizational Behavior. Piloted with four courses in the summer, and seven in fall, NYU-Poly plans to expand its offering to over a dozen Organizational Behavior courses in 2014. In addition, the Electrical Engineering department has also begun piloting this program. The merger of this technology and traditional online course developed material will truly place NYU-Poly at the forefront of innovative online learning.

Finally, seeing the need for graduate level tutoring, specifically for online remote students, NYU-Poly has partnered with a remote tutoring vendor, Tutoring Matching Service. This program allows graduate students to connect with each other and participate in online tutoring sessions, utilizing with VOIP, whiteboard, file sharing, chat room, and other remote tools.

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