NYU-ePoly Active Learning Revolutionizing Virtual Delivery (Update – Winter 2015)


10 new Active Learning courses. 

Following its highly successful nine-course Active Learning pilot last year in the school’s joint Scientific American Professional Learning Program, NYU-ePoly is moving ahead rapidly by adding ten new Active Learning courses in the program this year. Student surveys showed marked positive results in confidence, attention span, enjoyment, clarity, and graphic presentation. Of the 112 students polled, positive learning experiences were reported with an average 4.5 rating within a 5.0 point system.

Encouraged by enthusiastic student response, NYU-ePoly has begun the process of converting legacy and new courses to this format. The table below indicates the status of fully developed and in-development courses in the Active Learning format as of spring 2015.

Using top-of-the-line eLearning tools, HD video and audio, as well as innovative instructional design pedagogy, NYU-ePoly aims to revolutionize online learning at the NYU School of Engineering by migrating nearly 100 online Master’s legacy courses to Active Learning by 2017.

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