Scientific American Online Professional Learning Partnership Launched

In an innovative joint venture, NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering’s partnership with Scientific American launched its first weeklong, non-credit, online professional course in March, “Cognition and the Aging Brain”. Students participated from the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia. The second course, “Bioinformatics: How to Analyze the Human Genome,” was delivered from April 7th to the 11th, 2014.


Upcoming in the 2014 schedule are the following courses:

  • “Mysteries of the Universe,” taught by Don Lincoln , Ph.D., experimental particle physics researcher and scientist at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, June 16-20
  • “Disaster Management”, taught by Yuko Nakanshi, Ph.D., principal of Nakanishi Research and Consulting and chair and longstanding member of the Transportation Research Board Committee on Critical Transportation Infrastructure Protection, July 21-25
  • “Cosmic Frontiers I”, taught by Pankaj Joshi, Ph.D., Senior Professor at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, August 18-22
  • “Cosmic Frontiers II”, taught by Pankaj Joshi, Ph.D., Senior Professor at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, September 22-26

These courses use active-learning techniques, and they incorporate multimedia, drag-and-drop quizzes, video, voiceover, peer-to-peer learning, and interactive tools—features now being introduced in the school’s online master’s courses.

For more information, as well as how to register for these upcoming courses, please visit 

1st Annual Conversations about Online Learning Series

As online learning grows, there is a need for quality and unique learning pedagogy. Watch our NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering conversation focusing on the future of online learning. This is the first of a series of discussions, in which presentation where provided by NYU-ePoly, the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department. Presentations are based on where we are and where we are going in online learning. Watch and let us know of your thoughts on twitter by using #nyuonline and follow @nyuepoly.

Next Practices for Online Learning

Let’s start the conversation about the next generation of online learning.

We often talk about Best Practices, but what about Next Practices? What is the future of online learning? At NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, we are piloting a number of exciting programs to improve online learning, including: Live Virtual Learning (real-time HD video streaming of on-campus classes), Course Analytics (Pocket Data) and Active Learning (making online courses more interactive). Watch this video and learn more.

Next Practices for Online Learning


What do you see as best and next practices for online learning? Join us at Conversations about Online Learning this Thursday, May 8, 2014. To attend the event in-person or online, visit:

Let’s get the conversation started!

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