NeuWrite Downtown is a collaborative group that brings together scientists and journalists from within the NYU community and greater New York City to foster the conception of creative and exceptional science communication. Our goal is to communicate complex scientific ideas without losing either scientific accuracy or public engagement. The combined effort of individuals with different skill sets and knowledge bases allows us to create engaging scientific stories placed in their proper context.


The centerpiece of the group is a monthly workshop, in which we discuss and develop pieces submitted by our members. This monthly meeting also serves to breed collaborative efforts and meaningful working relationships that enhance the quality of written work coming out of the community. 

Published works that have benefited from our workshop can be found here.  

Guest Speakers:

The group hosts accomplished science writers as guest speakers to discuss their craft and share their experience in the world of science journalism. Past speakers can be found here.  


We would like to thank our parent institutions, organizations and sponsors:


The NYU Neuroscience InstituteCenter for Neural Science at NYU and the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences at NYU

Parent Organization: