About NYU-ePoly

e-Learning for Global Technology Innovation

Any place is a good place to earn your degree with NYU-ePoly.

Accessing the Internet has never been easier, faster, or more economical, making it possible to take graduate classes with NYU-ePoly wherever and whenever you like — at work, at home, from 35,000 feet as you fly to meet a client or return from a hard-earned vacation.

If you think your schedule is too busy for class, think again. If your work or the pace of your daily life prevents you from attending class on campus, you can now confidently turn to NYU-ePoly to earn your graduate certificate or master’s degree in more than a dozen online programs.

Want to know more?

Visit our website: engineering.nyu.edu/academics/online.

Call us toll-free at 877-50-E-P-O-L-Y (877-503-7659) or e-mail us at epoly@nyu.edu.

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