Student Travel Awards

The travel awards submission deadline has now passed. Recipients’ nominators have been notified about decisions. The information below is for archival purposes:

Following the tradition begun at NWAV 44, the NWAV 47 Organizing Committee is pleased to invite nominations for travel grants to NWAV 47 for graduate students. Faculty or instructors at any institution may send a letter nominating a graduate student by August 15, 2018. The letter, which should be sent to, should not exceed 250 words. No other application material should be forwarded.

  • Award:
    • Travel award: The NWAV 47 registration fee will be waived, and additional reimbursements toward travel and/or subsistence will be available up to the value of $500 USD.
    • Mentor match: Wherever possible, award recipients will be paired with an established researcher attending NWAV 47 as a mentor. Recipients will have an opportunity to discuss professional goals and opportunities with that mentor.
  • Goal: The goal of these travel grants is to encourage attendance by graduate students from backgrounds that are underrepresented at NWAV (e.g. first generation university or graduate students, low income students, African American, Latinx, Indigenous students, etc.). Letter writers should include a brief justification regarding how the nominee’s background relates to this goal. “Underrepresented” should be interpreted relative to local and personal context. It is up to the letter writer to make the case. Letters should also address how attending NWAV 47 will benefit the student academically.
  • Eligibility: Students are eligible for the award:
    • if they are graduate students at the time of NWAV 47
    • if they are enrolled in either a linguistics program or a related program (e.g. English, Sociology, Anthropology, Africana studies, Psychology, Computer Science, or a language program with a concentration or research program in sociolinguistics)
    • regardless of whether or not they are presenting at NWAV 47
  • Further details: The letter writer and the nominee do not need to be from the same institution. The letter writer does not need to be attending NWAV 47, in a tenured or tenure-track position, or at a North American institution.

Recipients will be notified in early September (via their nominators). Award recipients must register for the conference and any workshops they wish to attend.

If you have questions, please contact the NWAV 47 Organizing Committee at