New Ways of Analyzing Variation 47

New Ways of Analyzing Variation 47

New York University is hosting the 47th annual meeting of New Ways of Analyzing Variation (NWAV) on October 18-21, 2018.

Our plenary speakers are:

(Graphic by Becky Laturnus)

This year’s themes are Methods and Innovation and Passing the Torch.

Methods and Innovation

Our primary theme for NWAV 47 is Methods and Innovation. Through talks and workshops, we plan to highlight cutting-edge tools for data analysis and envelope-pushing research questions. Our goal is to hold cross-disciplinary workshops on computational sociolinguistics, experimental sociolinguistics, and psycholinguistic tools for the study of language variation and change. Our plenary speakers, John Rickford and Erez Levon, both maintain highly interdisciplinary research programs; innovation in methods and in research questions is a foundational aspect of each of their careers.

Passing the Torch

In the past five years, critical thinkers in the field of sociolinguistics have or are planning on retiring, albeit remaining busy scholars. We will celebrate retirements and honor eminent scholars in the field at NWAV 47. Thus, our secondary theme, Passing the Torch, allows us to reflect on the achievements of several scholars and look toward the future.

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NWAV 47 ● Methods and Innovation ● Passing the Torch ● October 18-21, 2018 ● New York, NY