People of the MusEDLab: Sunny Choi

Sunny Choi


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What project are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on developing an online music course in partnership with Soundfly, where I take

the course subscribers through my creative process for reinterpreting songs from today’s latest popular music as solo piano music.

As an active member of MusEDLab all throughout the summer, I’m on the committee team to prepare for the launch of our annually-hosted IMPACT Conference that’s to be held from August 1-5. Our conference theme this year is on music experience design for education, health, interactive media and social impact.

I’m also active as Steinway & Son’s popular music recording artist for Spirio pianos, providing my uniquely interpreted solo piano music on today’s popular music

What do you like about working at MusEDLab? 

I consider MusEDLab as my “safe space”, where I feel entirely free to explore all of my curiosities that are related to music. Music is not just some abstract subject that is to remain exclusive amongst certain individuals, but a powerful path that contributes to the development of one’s being. At the lab, I invest time in getting to know cool people that are doing innovative things with music. Some of these people may include educators that are embedding technology in their classrooms, physicians that are interested in connecting the brain activity of music with medicine, and technology companies that passionately care for developing tools for music learning for people in the 21st century. The definition of music is rapidly changing with the evolvement in technology, and it could not be a more exciting period than now to research and explore how music is experienced today.

Your current favorite song?

“Brand New” Day by Hiromi