At NYU’s Morphology Lab (‘MorphLab’), we are investigating the neural implementation of language processing from both theoretical and neurocognitive perspectives. Our research targets the syntactic nature of lexical categories and neural indices that track uncertainty, prediction, and surprisal as the brain engages in structure-building at the level of the morpheme. From experimental design to analysis of continuous variables, we are innovators in the methodology of MEG and the integration of neuromagnetic measures with psycholinguistic research.

MorphLab works jointly with the Linguistics and Psychology programs at NYU, and is one of three research groups comprising the Neuroscience of Language Lab.

Experiments take place at the KIT/NYU MEG Joint Research Lab on the Washington Square Campus as well as at its NYU Abu Dhabi location.

For more information on our lab members and current work, and to learn more about participating in our studies, see our PeoplePublications & Presentations, and Participation pages.