At the start of each academic year I welcome the new LS students to Washington Square, and then I travel to greet our freshmen in Florence, London, and Paris. I write now from NYU London, having met with students in Florence, followed by Paris, over the past week.
This year’s welcome reception at NYU Florence.
Each of these world cities provides extraordinary co-curricular opportunities for LS students. NYU Florence students live and study in the vibrant academic community of Villa La Pietra, a renaissance estate surrounded by olive groves and formal gardens.
The NYU London academic center is located in a historic building on Bedford Square, a few steps from the British Museum.
NYU Paris students enjoy a state-of-the-art facility in the intellectual heart of the city, the Latin Quarter.
As much as I enjoy revisiting these cities every year, I enjoy most meeting the nearly 300 diverse and accomplished students who have arrived at our freshman year abroad programs. This past week, I have met new students from Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Korea, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan and all over the United States, to name but a few of their home countries. And they all have chosen to begin their NYU careers in Liberal Studies.
To all our first-year students in Europe — Bienvenue, Benvenuto, Welcome!