To inaugurate this blog, I’d first like to offer a warm invitation to current and prospective students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni to follow me for news about the program, thoughts about our strategic plans, faculty and student spotlights, global study opportunities, and more.
What prompted me to start a blog? In a word, our extraordinary students.
A few days ago, I met nearly 100 students newly admitted to Liberal Studies, the first members of the Class of 2016. This year, over 40,000 young people from around the globe will apply to NYU, and next fall, about only 1000 of them will have the opportunity to begin their academic careers in our Core Program. These students are embarking on a unique educational journey, and as they begin their college studies, I begin this blog to celebrate the value of a liberal arts education that cultivates inquiry, discussion, and community around the globe.
These new Liberal Studies freshmen have been deciding which of our five global sites will be their entry point into the Global Network University – two portal campuses and 10 study centers through which faculty, students, and knowledge circulate freely. Liberal Studies featured in a recent article in “International Educator” that celebrates NYU’s leadership in global education. Liberal Studies is fully embedded in the GNU through our freshman programs that allow students to begin their studies in Florence, London, New York, Paris, and for the first time this year, Shanghai, and wherever they are to be full members of our community.
Make sure to check back again next week for more news.