Books and Course Materials

80% of the courses at NYU Florence rely solely on digital materials made available by faculty through NYU Classes and electronic resources available through the NYU Library.

For those courses requiring hard copy textbooks, these are available for purchase at two bookstores in downtown Florence. Information on these bookstores is given during orientation, and faculty inform students on the first day of classes which bookstore holds the books for their courses.

Estimated Costs

All NYU Florence students should expect to spend in Florence bookstores approx. €80 for their custom NYU Italian Language textbooks. Here is a list of some estimated costs for some specific course areas:

  • Art History courses: approx. €70 per course.
  • Business courses: between €50 and €160 per course.
  • Economics courses: approx. €80 per course.
  • Politics courses: approx. €40 per course.

Here are the links to two spreadsheets of required hard copy textbooks for Fall and Spring that have consistently been selected by faculty.

Please Note: These textbooks may vary based on new editions released or changes made by faculty teaching the course.  These lists are to be used as a reference for you to have an idea about texts you will be using in Florence.

Textbooks in the Villa Ulivi Library

Please keep in mind that in Villa Ulivi, the academic center of NYU Florence, there is a library where copies of each textbook are available for consultation and short term loans. Extra copies of some textbooks are also available for semester long loans. 

Book loan service: Available Mon-Fri: 10:00AM-5:00PM

The Ulivi Library offers 2 book loan options:

Semester-long loans of extra copies in storage. Here is the Textbook loaner list currently available in the library.

Semester loan terms:
Up to 2 books can be loaned on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Do not write in books.
Return books in the library at the end of the semester.

Short-term, 2-week loans of extra copies in the catalog. Here is the link to our online catalog where you can find out which books are available for loan. For instructions on the catalog go here.

2-week loan terms:
Up to 2 books can be loaned on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Do not write in books.
Reserves, renews and returns must be made in person in the library.

NOTE: One copy of all required books for courses will always be on reserve in the library for consultation and copying.

Affordability Tips

In an effort to make textbook purchasing more affordable, we would like you to consider the following points:

  • Textbooks cannot be shipped to Florence prior to your arrival.
  • Take note of the luggage overcharges with your airline when packing and bringing books with you to Florence.
  • For the Italian language textbooks, take note of local charges when ordering the books from the NYU Bookstore. Within and outside the U.S.
  • Where possible, for Econ or Business courses, consider using a “loaner textbook” from the Villa Ulivi Library.  To get more information about “loaner textbooks,” look for the announcement in the Study Away Admissions newsletter that will provide a link and further instructions closer to your arrival date.

Any questions regarding required course texts and materials of any type can be sent to