5 Ways to Benefit from Chat Transcripts in UX Research: How to use chat transcripts to improve web-design?

Another UX research project has begun! NYU Libraries has a 24/7 chat service for its users called Ask a Librarian (AAL), where library staff answers questions from user, similar to the chats you see on e-commerce websites. AAL is a very popular service among users, getting about 1500-1900 chat requests per month during the semester, […]

Overview: Library Web Redesign

The Libraries’ latest Strategic Plan places great emphasis on the experience of users of our physical and virtual collections, services and spaces. These include access issues related to physical and virtual library collections, services and spaces. A common point of entry to information in and about the Libraries is our website, which has not undergone a significant redesign since […]

Gathering and Interpreting User Feedback: NYU Libraries’ Website Redesign

A look at some of the tools and methods the UX Team employs to gather, analyze, and present user feedback. Gathering and Analyzing Data Thousands of students, faculty, staff, and researchers around the world use NYU Libraries’ website daily. Web analytics and electronic surveys enable us to gather significant qualitative and quantitative user data and feedback, […]