BobCat Catalog Gets New Features | March 5, 2019

Fewer Clicks and Tabs Between You and Your Items!

Delivery, physical item availability information, and request services will be part of the BobCat interface!

The update is expected to be complete by mid-morning (EST) on Tuesday, March 5th. We are not anticipating any noticeable downtime.

What’s in this release:

3 New Sections on the item details page

  • New Feature Alert! — alert messages about bugs or issues that may impact your catalog experience
  • View Online — for e-resource links (if available)
  • Physical Copies — physical item information and request options (if available)
Screenshot of an item details page in BobCat with comment balloons highlighting the "New Feature Alert!", "View Online", and "Physical Copies" sections.
Item details pages get new sections and in-page request and delivery forms.

In-page delivery / request forms

Make requests for items, scans, paging, right from an item’s details page.

“New Features” section on the BobCat landing page (

Find out what’s new in BobCat and share your feedback. We’re always working to improve BobCat.

Troubleshooting Tips

Not seeing results, or having trouble with the interface?

        • Try clearing your cache and hard refresh browsers if you have issues
        • Report bugs or issues, or just leave feedback via the “Feedback” button in every item page or on the submenu in BobCat.
        • You can use the “GetIt (Legacy)” feature as an alternative if you experience an issue.
        • Ask a Librarian! Use our chat service in BobCat, or visit the reference or circulation desks at the library.


      • Article updated March 5, 2019.