NYU Libraries Invites You to INPUT 2018 (April 30- May 4, Brooklyn)

The NYU Division of Libraries is pleased to offer complimentary registration for INPUT 2018 to NYU students and alumni.  A NYU Libraries sponsor is making this opportunity available to 50 members of the NYU community, and we’re delighted to share it with you!


INPUT 2018

INPUT 2018 is a convergence of international public television storytellers that will take place in Brooklyn, NY. NYU students and alumni interested in media and public television are invited to attend this conference.

Host: Forest Creatures Foundation

Co-Hosts: WNET and Brooklyn College

Dates: April 30 – May 4

Registration Fee: An anonymous donor is generously sponsoring attendance for 50 NYU students and alumni. The registration fee for all sessions will be covered; this fee covers your attendance to any or all of the conference sessions. 

(**Any transportation costs and the attendance to the Midweek Party, which is $40, are not included.)

Registration deadline: April 20

(**We can accept RSVPs beyond this date, however only those who have registered by April 20 will have their name appear on the delegate list.)

Questions and registration, please contact: Whitney Lee @ wl1148@nyu.edu or whitney.lee@nyu.edu


Location: Williamsburg Cinemas (217 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY 11211)

About the event: Discussion topics include the role of public broadcasters in the arena of children’s programming, the use of historic archival material to tell new stories, and the definition of the “war victim” as storyteller. Unlike festivals and markets, the intention of the conference is to exchange, discuss, and share.

Lunch panels include:  A “Conversation with NOVA,” the WNET Hamilton documentary, and Diversity in US Public Television being produced by Harlem based Black Public Media.  There will also be an opportunity for registered delegates to have lunch with commissioning editors from around the world at the Brooklyn Winery where they can pitch their projects, or whatever.   



April 30: Opening reception (5 pm)

May 1: Screenings and discussion (9 am – 7 pm)


Topic: Parental Guidance Suggested: The role of public broadcasters in the arena of children’s programming.

May 2: Screenings and discussion (9 am – 7 pm)    TBD

May 3: Screenings and discussion (9 am – 4 pm); midweek party from 6 pm – 11 pm


Topic: History As You Have Never Seen it Before: Innovative ways of using historic archive material to tell new stories


May 4: Screenings and discussion (9 am – 4 pm)

Topic: Telling War Stories, Far From the Front Lines


For more information about session topics:  http://input-tv.org/home

Moderators: http://input-tv.org/input-2018/moderators

Please visit www.input-tv.org for additional details.



INPUT was founded on the principle that every culture is valuable and deserves respect and recognition. It stimulates an increased awareness of cultural, societal, and national sensibilities as they relate to public television programming from around the world. It has an impact internationally on the delegates attending the conference and, through dialogue, on their colleagues back home. This professional development enriches program selection and thereby benefits the delegates’ respective public television audiences.