Get Set for a Great Finish!

NYU Libraries has a host of resources to help you sprint through finals.

Check out the listings of what’s happening at Bobst and Dibner.

A running track painted with white lines and "1500 P" mark in the foreground. The track stretching into the distance. Image from a viewpoint close to the ground.


Study all night starting Friday 12/14

We’re keeping the Bobst stacks open 24-hours for NYU students.

Making more space

We’ve suspended our guest policy this week to maximize space for you!

Perk up!

Beginning Mon. 12/17 free coffee is available during the overnight hours in Bobst on LL1.

Stretch & RelaxWomen in a seated yoga pose with hands in prayer position over her head.

Sign up for a yoga and mini meditation session

Mon. 12/17 – 2:00pm
Mon. 12/17 – 2:30pm
Tues. 12/18 – 3:00pm
Tues. 12/18 – 3:30pm

Get in the zone

Complimentary earplugs are available at the Circulation & Reserves Service desk in the atrium.


Extended hours starting Friday 12/14

Dibner will be open 24-hours and not closing again until Fri. 12/21 at 6pm.

Snacks & Treats

Cup of black coffee in white mug sitting on a yellow surface, photographed from above.

Overnight snacks at midnight in LC433 provided by Student Affairs on Mon. 12/17, Tues. 12/18, and Weds. 12/19

We’ve got coffee available for overnight studying

Popcorn will be distributed (while supplies last) starting Sun. 12/16 in the late evening.

De-stress and get in the zone

The library will be handing out security reminders and tips for studying and de-stressing.

Earplugs are available from the service desk to help block out distractions.

Visit the De-stress Zone (across from the service desk)
We’ve got activities for your study breaks:

  • games (chess, battleship, etc.)
  • jigsaw puzzles
  • origami
  • coloring sheets
  • de-stress balls
  • spin chair

The Holocube Brings Virtual Reality Experience Closer to Tandon Students

At the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, virtual reality (VR) has become a trending research topic for students. A new a virtual reality experience room at Bern Dibner Library – The Holocube – was built so that students could gain experience with current virtual and augmented reality applications.

Inspiring creative ideas to integrate AR and VR technology for NYU students

A large variety of educational and recreational games are available to be played in the Holocube, including Tandon-made applications. VR film Grandpa’s Reef, created by Alum Sara Camnasio ’18, transports viewers to a healthy, vibrant coral reef. Relevant Motion, a venture from professors and students in the Integrated Digital Media program, utilizes motion capture technology with a virtual reality platform in occupational therapy.

Holocube VR console hardware lit up by blacklights.
Inside the Holocube. Source: Bern Dibner Library IT.

Making the room an experience in itself

I was asked to create an IT sandbox room by the librarians here. I did some research and found that all the sandbox rooms around the country, in different colleges/universities, were all the same… a piece of VR equipment with a mask in a plain room.

I decided that I wasn’t going to follow that cookie cutter pattern but instead make the room an experience in itself.

– Scott Broussard, IT Services Manager at NYU’s Bern Dibner Library.

The name “Holocube”, Scott relates, refers to the “cube” shape of the room and the “hologram” aspect that comes to mind when he thinks of virtual reality. The space design, with blacklight accent lighting (which users can opt to turn off) and the acoustic tile mosaic, is a fun departure from the average library collaborative space.

Broussard and his team produced a promo video [YouTube Video] highlighting the space’s features.

Equipment and Reservations

The room is currently equipped with the HTC Vive Virtual Reality system. A large variety of educational and recreational games are available to be played in the room.

The Holocube is located on the 4th floor of  Bern Dibner Library, NYU Tandon School of Engineering.

Reservations are now available on LibCal. Each student can reserve a 45-min session for a maximum of 3 people.

Before reserving the room, students are required to take an online training session which provides essential information such as room usage policies and equipment instructions.

Bobst Coloring Contest, Oct. 8-23

Take a study break, get creative, and try to stay within the lines!

photo: stack of crayons

We’re excited to announce the first ever Bobst Coloring Contest featuring an image from our Special Collections.

Our first coloring sheet depicts a woodblock print from the most heavily illustrated of the book of the 15th century—the Nuremberg Chronicle.

Open to all current NYU students, coloring sheets can be picked up at the reference desk on the first floor of Bobst Library

Win a gift card to the NYU Bookstore or Starbucks (your choice)

1st Prize: $75
2nd Prize: $50
3rd Prize: $25

Winners will be announced Wednesday, October 31st on the Library social media accounts.

See page 2 for contest rules and guidelines.