New Databases: January 2017

The Libraries regularly acquires new databases. Take a look at the new databases we added to our collection in January 2017:

  • Cheetah organizes legal information topically, putting content in context so you can quickly understand and advise on today’s most complex matters. Please note, this resource is temporarily only available for on-campus access. We are working to resolve the off-campus access issue.
  • Chinese Datasets Archive (NYUSH Datasets page) is led by NYU Shanghai Center for Data Science and Analytics, and created in collaboration with NYUSH Library. It aims to serve as a starting point for students and scholars to search for data related with China. The data have a focus almost exclusively on China collected mainly by Chinese administrations and scholars. The datasets presented here should either have open access to the public, or require mininal registration (a single step of logging in), or at the most ask users to fill in an application form for permission. The data can be accessed as either downloadable sets, online analysis tools, or aggregate statistics usually in tables.
  • Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE) represents American regional vocabulary, from Adam’s housecat to Zydeco. It is consulted by scholars and lovers of language and regional nuance. This digital version transforms the dictionary into an interactive, multimedia tool for both scholarly inquiry and general intellectual curiosity.
  • Law Library Microform Consortium Digital (LLMC) is a non-profit cooperative of libraries dedicated to the twin goals of preserving legal titles and government documents while making copies available digitally through its on-line service LLMC-Digital.
  • Oxford Clinical Psychology provides full-text access to over 200 titles in Oxford’s global clinical psychology publishing program in an integrated online service. It also includes professional reference books, seminal scholarly and research works, and therapist guides and workbooks in the renowned Treatments That Work series.
  • Oxford Medicine Online  is a collection of online medical resources which cover every stage in a medical career, from resources for medical students and junior doctors, to those for senior doctors and consultants. Oxford Medicine Online allows users to browse and search a range of OUP’s online medical textbooks and handbooks from a single location and also offers access to titles from the prestigious Mayo Clinic Toolkit.
  • Supreme Court Insight is a complete online collection of full opinions from Supreme Court argued cases, including per decision, dockets, oral arguments, joint appendices and amicus briefs. Content associated with each case is compiled on a dynamic page organized to facilitate understanding of the judicial process, and is also retrievable on a document by document basis.
  • TR Westlaw Campus Research provides access to a comprehensive and widely-used indexing system for caselaw materials to make legal research easier, more accurate, and more relevant.