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All about Sufism, the mystical branch of Islam

Rumi SufismSufism is the mystical and spiritual branch of Islam with roots in early Islamic history and it is widely practiced today in many countries. Our faculty previously hosted Zachary Wright from Northwestern University in Qatar to talk about the Tariqa Muhammadiyya, a Sufi movement in the 18th century Islamic world.

Would you like to know more?

You can start with some primers like Sufism: The Essentials by Mark Sedgwick and The Cambridge Companion to Sufism, or check out the articles on Sufism in The Encyclopedia of Islam and Oxford Islamic Studies Online.

Need something more advanced?

We have texts on Sufism practiced in different areas such as Sufism in Europe and North America, specific types of Sufism like the Shambhala Guide to Sufism, and much more.

In particular, you can look for primary sources like Principles of Sufism by Aishah bint Yusuf Ba’uniyah published in translation with Arabic text by NYU press, a great bilingual reader if you want to learn some classical Arabic!