New Book: Arab liberal thought after 1967

The Middle East is often caricatured as a region fraught with totalitarian ideologies, authoritarianism, and violent conflict. Challenging this assertion, the authors of this newly-arrived collection of essays examine the core issues of post-1967 Arab liberalism. Students will find the citations and bibliographies in this dense volume a good point of departure for further research.

Arab liberal ideas have found an affinity within a number of ideological camps: nationalists, leftists, Marxists, mystics, secularists, and Islamists. Debates surround the meanings and boundaries of key concepts like citizenship, democracy, human rights, and pluralism. Sometimes these various camps agree or disagree on their vision of a just society, but regardless they’re all part of the ongoing conversation.

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Hatina, Meir, and Christoph Schumann. Arab Liberal Thought After 1967: Old Dilemmas, New Perceptions. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015.

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