Mountable Storage Pilot Under Way

You may recall that when we started this project we laid out four service bands.  One of those bands, Service Band 2, focused on our need to provide access to a storage environment designed for ongoing activities.  Our target users for such services are both researchers and library curators who need to store, organize, process, and analyze data and digital assets, sometimes in collaboration with colleagues.  Since no such services existed at NYU, we have made developing out Service Band 2 a Research Cloud Services project priority, and we’re delighted to announce that we’ve begun a pilot of a service that will service some of these needs.

One of the major Service Band 2-related needs that has surfaced for our researchers is the need for mountable storage.  While NYU Box and NYU Drive fulfill a lot of the requirements in this space, there’s still a need for storage for larger data sets and other types of materials that don’t easily work in these other solutions.  We’ve been hard at work to create a new service that allows researchers to store and share these files.  The new service, which we’re referring to as mountable storage (new name coming soon!), has officially started this month as a pilot, with 10 researchers using it and giving us feedback.

Special thanks to Dylan Simon, our Research Data Storage Architect, for his hard work getting this new service going.  We will share more information about this service as the pilot progresses.

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