Institute of Afro-American Affairs Audio Published

Institute of African American Affairs logoThe Institute of African American Affairs (IAAA) at New York University was founded in 1969 to research, document, and celebrate the cultural and intellectual production of Africa and its diaspora. The collection includes recordings dating from 1971 to 1986 of The Soul of Reason, a radio talk show that aired on commercial radio station WNBC and NYU’s station WNYU. This collection was digitized over a period of years and it took a bit of untangling on the part of DLTS, University Archives, and Archival Collections Management to prepare this collection for publication. It is now available online, and the recordings sound great!

Connected Youth site now live

connectedyouthDLTS, in partnership with NYU Press, launched , a site for open access reading of the first two books in the book series Connected Youth and Digital Futures.

The site builds upon the base of our main open access books site, and was enhanced with funding from the MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Media and Learning project, sponsors of the series.

One major goal for this project was to create an “interactive” platform for readers. We added tools to the OA books platform to make it easy to share out to social media, and, with funding from the Mellon Foundation for our Enhanced Networked Monographs project, we’ll provide additional features–annotation, rich searching via the books’ indexes, and more.

To get a deeper sense of the project goals, see this happy message from Julian Sefton-Green, one of the series editors, this blog post by Henry Jenkins, co-author of By Any Media Necessary; and another by Sonia Livingstone, co-author of The Class.

This successful collaboration involved the following individuals:

At NYU Press: Adam Bohannan, Dorothea Halliday, Charles Hames, Mary Beth Jarrad, Sara Johnson, Alicia Nadkarni, Miguel Sandoval, and Eric Zinner.

At DLTS: David Arjanik, Laura Henze, Flannon Jackson, Carol Kassel, Monica McCormick, Joseph Pawletko, and Rasan Rasch.

Moloney Sheet Music Now Available

moloneyThe Tamiment Library and Labor Archives have made sheet music from the Mick Moloney Irish-American Music and Popular Culture Collection available online. These songs are part of a collection that documents the Irish and Irish-American image in American popular culture during the 19th and 20th centuries, with particular emphasis on ethnic perceptions and representations. Many of the covers are beautiful. The collection was fun to digitize, and DLTS is pleased to have played its part in making these items available.

First Archival Collections from NYUAD

yasser_alwanWe have published our first two image collections from NYUAD. More specifically, these collections are part of Akkasah, the Center for Photography. This group within NYUAD’s library is collecting significant photographic materials from the Arab world.

The images are digitized in Abu Dhabi with direction and guidance from DLTS. Then we provide quality control in New York and we publish the items using our standard workflow. The images are described in the Archivist’s Toolkit, for which NYUAD has its own instance, and are uploaded using our Finding Aids publisher.

These collections are available online as follows:

As usual, it takes a village to raise an image collection. Thanks go to Carol Kassel, Esha Datta, Joseph Pawletko, Melitte Buchman, and Sally Vermaaten.

IFA books now available

friedlaenderDLTS has published 27 books from the IFA’s Friedlaender collection. These books include some interesting and fragile materials, which were lovingly imaged by DLTS some time ago. Once cataloging is complete, these books will be discoverable in Bobcat.

As always, it takes a village to raise a book. These individuals were involved in the process: Eric, Melitte, Esha, Kate, Joe, and Rasan.

First A/V collection now live!

231_0608_thumbnailA big infrastructure project that we’ve been working on for a long time has come to fruition: the publication and display of A/V materials through Finding Aids. Our first collection is now available: the Pride and Progress/The Right Stuff series of the Gay Cable Network Archives from Fales Library. Pride and Progress is described as “a half hour of news, community affairs, health reports, and sports documenting the pride and progress of gay men and women nationally.” The Right Stuff spotlights “gay talent, events, and happenings for and about the gay community.” Making these materials available online has been a multi-step process and has involved the following individuals: Melitte Buchman, Esha Datta, Laura Henze, Flannon Jackson, Carol Kassel, Alberto Ortiz Flores, Ekaterina Pechekhonova, Joseph Pawletko, Rasan Rasch, Eric Stedfeld, and Sally Vermaaten. Special thanks to curator Brent Phillips for his input and patience.

New books on Ancient World Digital Library

asp_booksNow that the new Ancient World Digital Library site is live, we are working to add new content as quickly as ISAW is delivering it to us. The latest effort along those lines is a series of books from the American Society of Papyrologists.  Please read ISAW’s description of this important collection. We’ll be adding more books from this provider, along with other collections, on a regular basis.

Camp Kinderland collection is live

tam439_ref235_n000001_sCamp Kinderland was founded on Sylvan Lake in Hopewell Junction, NY in 1923 by members of the Workmen’s Circle who worked in the organization’s New York City schools. The camp’s founders sought to create a summer youth camp that would not only provide a recreational escape for the children of working people from the tenements of New York City, but also one whose culture would encourage and foster a commitment to socially progressive activism and the embracing of a rich Jewish secular tradition. DLTS digitized the photographic materials for this collection, which were glass negatives. The digitization process was complex and interesting, and the results are beautiful.

Indian Ocean site launched

Indian Ocean Digital CollectionWe are pleased to announce the launch of the Indian Ocean Digital Collection, a site that gathers together a diverse group of materials from the region. This site is a collaboration of several departments: site vision and content curation from Charlotte Priddle of Fales and Tim Johnson of Social Sciences and Humanities, funding for digitization from NYU Abu Dhabi, and digitization and publication from DLTS. This site represents the first substantial library collection that focuses on the Indian Ocean as a whole.

At launch, the site contains 30 books. We will soon add maps, and within a few months, we will also add postcards. We’re also working on some features to enhance discovery. We will roll out the new features and additional content as soon as it is ready.

Special thanks to:

  • Laura, who spun up this site with lightning speed. This was possible because
  • Alberto built a flexible Web site framework that we’ve been using starting with Arabic Collections Online, and
  • Kate published 30 books without breaking a sweat, and
  • Rasan helped us deal with some anomalies about those books, and
  • Joe staged those books for publication, and
  • Melitte’s team digitized those books in the first place, and last but not least,
  • Eric was there from the beginning to make sure everything went through the process from start to finish.

A shout-out to Flannon, who helped us deal with anomalies between development and production and managed the Apache restarts.