First Archival Collections from NYUAD

yasser_alwanWe have published our first two image collections from NYUAD. More specifically, these collections are part of Akkasah, the Center for Photography. This group within NYUAD’s library is collecting significant photographic materials from the Arab world.

The images are digitized in Abu Dhabi with direction and guidance from DLTS. Then we provide quality control in New York and we publish the items using our standard workflow. The images are described in the Archivist’s Toolkit, for which NYUAD has its own instance, and are uploaded using our Finding Aids publisher.

These collections are available online as follows:

As usual, it takes a village to raise an image collection. Thanks go to Carol Kassel, Esha Datta, Joseph Pawletko, Melitte Buchman, and Sally Vermaaten.