Sylvester Manor collection is live!

mss208_ref5669_n000003_sOver 1,000 images from the Sylvester Manor collection are now publicly available online. This collection from Fales Library contains personal and professional papers, photographs, and other materials from Sylvester Manor, a home and grounds located on Shelter Island in the Long Island sound that was initially settled by Nathaniel and Grissell Sylvester in 1652.

Additionally, English Department graduate student Rob Koehler is creating an online exhibit, which will provide context around these objects and uncover some of the stories embedded in the images. The exhibit is still under construction, so be sure to check back for updates.

Digitization was performed by DLTS, and the online exhibit was a partnership among Rob, Amanda Watson, DLTS, and Digital Scholarship Services.

Preparing for vendors

We do a lot of digitization of print materials in-house, but there are occasions when we engage the services of a vendor. Packaging the materials to be transported to the vendor is an important task, and one that involves people working together across departments.

A recent example is the Moloney sheet music collection from Tamiment-Wagner. Preparation for digitization involved extensive organizational work by individuals from Tamiment-Wagner, DLTS, and Preservation. The resulting package was well formed and ready to go.