Time to rethink an old workflow

Hemispheric Institute Digital Video Library home page.

Though my involvement as project manager of NYU’s Hemispheric Institute Digital Video Library dates from 2004, this project is even older than that. And we continue to add new materials and provide new services to this collection. Over the 10+ years that this archive has been under development, we’ve seen so many of the technologies mature and change, and many of our workflows and services have evolved to accommodate new video formats, bandwidth capacity, video streaming standards, and video player functionality.

In addition to updating the technologies used in a long-term project, sometimes you also need to step back and take a look at your whole production workflow –from submission through publication–to identify legacy practices and suss out inefficiencies. That’s exactly what we’re doing this semester for the HIDVL project. We’ll spend the next few months implementing a new video submission and editing workflow that should make publishing much more efficient and allow us to get more video onto the HIDVL website more quickly.

That way we can get you faster to Reverend Billy and all that other HIDVL goodnessRevBilly

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