Format migration

duvalierWhen we preserve digitized content in our repository, we make a commitment not just to the content as it exists today, but also to migrating the content to a new format as standards and technologies change. We have two collections from Tamiment-Wagner, the Poster and Broadside Collection and the United Automobile Workers of America, District 65 Photographs. These images came to us several years ago in a proprietary Kodak format and we preserved them to the technical specifications recommended at the time. Today, the standard has changed, and so we will be migrating to a new file format. We will also be updating the colorspace for these images, as our standards have changed in that regard as well.

Take-Down Policy

mss100_ref47_n000005_sCertain collections contain materials with multiple copyright holders. Even if NYU Libraries owns a collection, we may or may not be able to make all of its materials available to the public online. For this reason, Special Collections developed a take-down policy. At long last, thanks to the tenacity of several individuals (not least of whom was Michael Stoller), the policy has been approved and posted on the Fales Web site.

This means that some collections, including the very extensive Judson Memorial Church Archive as well as the Mendez Mural Community Garden Archive, can be made available. We are very excited to move these collections forward. Watch this space for an update when these collections are live!

Publication Workflows

As some of you saw at the table-top discussion on March 19, DLTS is standardizing its publication workflows. In the past, we built Web sites. Now, we run a publication service that puts content online according to its type. Image sets, books, and audio/video each have their own workflow and ultimate destination. These destinations are pools of resources, from which we can draw content for a Web site or a discovery engine.

The image set workflow is fairly mature, book publishing is nearly there, and audio/video publishing is in the works. Once we complete the necessary infrastructure changes, we will be publishing everything in our backlog. Ultimately, we hope to catch up to our digitization process, which continues to be far ahead of publishing.

Here is the workflow diagram:

publishing flowchart