Multivolume sets, series, collections – oh my!

We’ve been delving deeply into our book publishing process, refining it so that we can accommodate the needs of the Ancient World Digital Library, Arabic Collections Online, and Indian Ocean, among others. One of the many new pieces of information we’ve absorbed is the notion of a “series” for ancient studies. For those who don’t know (we didn’t, either), a series is a set of books, each of which may be its own entity or part of a multivolume set. Each book in a series may have a volume number for that series, and people in the field may refer to that book by its series name and volume number. Therefore, it’s important to capture and display this information with the books, and to allow researchers to view books in a given series.

I’ve created a diagram in which I attempted to describe the relationships among collections, series, subjects, and multivolume sets:


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