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Presenting Your Research: Designing a Research Presentation

Have an upcoming presentation for finals?  Planning on presenting at an upcoming conference?  Attend the Dibner Library’s Research Presentation Workshop to learn about the best practices and what you should avoid in order to create an engaging research presentation.


Presenting Your Research: Designing a Research Poster

Learn how to create visually engaging research posters that effectively communicate your data.  This workshop will teach you the basic components of a research poster as well as tips for how to best represent your data visually and how to find and cite images with Creative Commons licenses.  We’ll also cover how to avoid common technical pitfalls when working with digital images and go over the requirements for printing your poster at Dibner Library.


Opening Your Research Using GitHub & The Open Science Framework

There is increasing pressure from top journals and grant agencies to include supporting research data at time of publication, however the burden of storage and accessibility often falls to the researcher. This session will cover how you can use GitHub and the Open Science Framework to open up your research, as well as connect your publications with the corresponding data. 


Scientific Writing: Tackling a Literature Review

A literature review is an integral part of both scientific research and scientific writing.  In this workshop, we will discuss the different types of literature reviews you might come across, as well as best practices to ensure your own literature reviews will be successful.


Getting Started with Geographical Information Systems / Mapping Software Workshop

In this session we will provide an introduction to the range of Geographical Information System (GIS) platforms and resources supported by the GIS team within Data Services including ARCGIS, QGIS, and Carto.


Creating Graphics in R Workshop

Learn to use R to create vivid, intriguing, and informative statistical graphics


Graduate Student Research Breakfast

Dibner Librarians invite you to join us for breakfast on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 in room LC 400! 

Come have breakfast, discuss with us your projects, and take care of any research to-do list items. We’ll have engineering librarians as well as representatives from NYU Data Services  who can help get you (re)oriented to our resources, get you started with citation management tools, and help you get the most out of our collections and services. This informal event is taking place from 9:00am – 11:00am.  You can come and go as you like during that time. ​


Can’t join us for this Research Breakfast? Come to the next one at the Bobst Library in Manhattan on Tuesday, November 7, 2017, 10:00am – 12:00noon in the 10th floor Graduate Student Exchange


Intro to Git and GitHub Workshop

This workshop introduces the basic concepts of Git version control. Whether you’re new to version control or just need an explanation of Git and GitHub, this two hour tutorial will help you understand the concepts of distributed version control. Get to know basic Git concepts and GitHub workflows through step-by-step lessons. We’ll even rewrite a bit of history, and touch on how to undo (almost) anything with Git. This is a class for users who are comfortable with a command-line interface.


Data Wrangling in R Workshop

The tutorial is designed to cover data management tools such as merging and reshaping datasets, conditional statements, and beginner loops and user written functions. Attendees are expected to have understanding of basic concepts of R objects and functions and should have used R on their own previously.


NYU HPC: Using Slurm on the Prince Cluster

A hands-on introduction to using Slurm aimed at NYU High Performance Computing (HPC) users with knowledge of Linux.

Register: Wednesday, October 4th 3:00pm – 5:00pm 

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