I’m a PhD student in Philosophy at New York University.

I’m interested in philosophical issues about consciousness. These include core questions about the structure of experience, the mind-body problem, and the science of consciousness. These also include issues at the intersection of consciousness, ethics, and technology.

My broader philosophical interests span across the philosophy of mind, metaphysics, epistemology, value theory, philosophy of science, metaphilosophy, and 20th-century existentialism and phenomenology. Outside of philosophy, my interests include fitness, fashion, flow arts, and food. Sometimes when I’m not philosophizing about experiences, I even have some experiences of my own.

At NYU, I work with David Chalmers (primary), Ned Block, and Thomas Nagel. Before coming to NYU, I went to Brown University, where I graduated in 2013 with a BA in Philosophy, BS in Cognitive Science, and an MA in Philosophy, and where I worked with Jaegwon Kim and Christopher Hill. For Spring/Summer 2017 and Spring/Summer 2018, I am a visiting researcher at Institut Jean Nicod in Paris, where I work with Uriah Kriegel.

To reach me, e-mail me at You can also check out my CV, my profile, or my PhilPapers profile.








Here are links to some of my papers, as well as titles of further papers currently in progress.

Is Consciousness Intrinsically Valuable? [Philosophical Studies 2018]

Objective Phenomenology [under review]

The Deep Structure of Experience [under review]

First-Personal Technology [draft]

Phenomenal Mereology [in progress]

Physicalism is Eliminativism [in progress]

Value Experientialism [in progress]

Quantifying Qualia [in progress]


Here are links to syllabi for past courses I’ve taught.

Life and Death (Summer 2016)

Philosophy of Mind (Summer 2015)