Chemistry-Related Websites

American Chemical Society


National Center for Biotechnology Information

Protein Data Bank

ISI Web of Knowledge

Molecular Foundry

New York Academy of Sciences

Charybdis Technologies

Peptoid calculator

Collaborators and Associated Labs

The Finn Laboratory

Michael J. Garabedian

Fabio Piano

Neville R. Kallenbach

Richard Bonneau

The Arora Lab

The Canary Lab

Will Goldfarb

Dallas Rabenstein

The Torres Lab

Cultural and Helpful Websites

Museum of Modern Art

Tribeca Film Festival

Bronx Zoo

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Central Park

Guggenheim Museum

American Museum of Natural History

il laboratorio del gelato

Trader Joe’s


SCUBA Network

craigslist: new york city

The Onion


Google Scholar

Internet Movie Database

New York University Websites

New York University

Department of Chemistry

NYU Biomedical Chemistry Institute