Group Members

Amanda Kasper

Post-Doctoral Researcher
BS, Chemistry (French Minor), University of Pittsburgh
PhD, Chemistry, Duke University
Research Interests: Amanda’s current research focuses on the design, use, and evaluation of peptidomimetics to determine their efficacy as androgen receptor antagonists in the pursuit of developing new therapies for castration-resistant prostate cancer.

Rushna Quddus

Chemistry PhD Candidate
MS, Chemistry, New York University
Research Interests:

Alan Liu

Alan Liu
Chemistry PhD Candidate
BS, Chemistry, Binghamton University
Research Interests: Alan is developing the design and synthesis of macrocyclic antimicrobial peptoids.

James Eastwood

Chemistry PhD Candidate
BS, Nanosystems Engineering, Louisiana Tech University
Research Interests: James is interested in developing computational tools for designing macromolecular peptoids with well-defined structure.

Linhai Jiang

Linhai Jiang
Chemistry Graduate Student
BS, Polymer Materials and Engineering, Donghua University, Shanghai, China
MS, Chemistry, Clarkson University
Research Interests:Linhai is interested developing long-range ordered peptoid/peptide self-assemblies through the combination of experiments and computation.

Jeffrey Schneider

Jeffrey Schneider MD/PhD Student with Prof. Susan Logan
BS, Chemistry, Haverford College
Research Interests: Jeff explores the biological activity of peptoid inhibitors targeting protein-protein interactions in prostate cancer.

Antalya Jano

Antalya Jano
Undergraduate Student
Research Interests: Antalya is working with Chathurika to synthesize cyclic peptoids as effective scaffolds for multivalent ligand display.

Group Alumni

  • Danielle Nalband, PhD Chemistry 2018
  • Dilani Chathurika Dehigaspitiya, Post-Doctoral Researcher
  • Tessa Epstein, Bowdoin College, REU summer intern in Chemical Biology 2017
  • Ran Drori, Post-Doctoral Researcher with Profs Bart Kahr and Mike Ward 
  • Harry Bergman, Research Technician 2016-2017
  • Mallika Tatikola, BS Chemistry 2016
  • Rushna Quddus, MS Chemistry 2016
  • Timothy Craven, PhD Biology 2016, Currently a Post-Doc at the University of Washington
  • Prof. Adam Profit, Visiting Professor from York College/CUNY 2014-15
  • Michael Haugbro, Undergraduate Researcher
  • Peter Smith, Undergraduate Researcher
  • Katharina Peschko, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Visiting graduate Student 2014-15
  • Joost Lamain, Raboud University Nijmegen Visiting MS Student 2014
  • Paul Levine, PhD Chemistry 2014, Currently a Post-Doc at USC
  • Sam Fredericks, High School Student Summer 2014
  • Justin Leh, MS Chemistry 2011-2014
  • Jens Engel-Andreasen, Technical University of Denmark Visiting PhD Student 2013-2014
  • Haley Smith, NYU Abu Dhabi Undergraduate Student Summer 2013
  • Jonas Laursen, Technical University of Denmark Visiting PhD Student 2012-2013
  • Emily Stein, NYU Undergraduate Student 2012-2013
  • Mia Huang, MS Biology 2008, PhD Chemistry 2012, Currently a Post-Doc at UCSD
  • Bishwajit Paul, PhD Chemistry 2012
  • Dr. Arjel Bautista, Post-Doc 2011
  • Nancy Hom, PhD Chemistry 2011
  • Abhinav Rohatgi, NYU Undergraduate Student 2011
  • Peter Jordan, PhD Student, Yale University
  • Justin Holub, PhD Chemistry 2009, Currently an Assistant Professor at Ohio University
  • Yeliz Utku,PhD Chemistry 2009
  • Li-Kai Liu, MS Biology 2009
  • Neel Shah, NYU Undergraduate Student 2008, Currently a Post-Doc at UC Berkeley
  • Sung Bin Shin, MS Biology 2004, PhD Chemistry 2008
  • Barney Yoo, PhD Chemistry 2008
  • Keren Imberg, MS Biology 2007
  • Hangjun Jang, PhD Chemistry 2007, MD/PhD Student
  • Dr. Elizabeth Anderson, Post-Doc
  • Dr. Galia Maayan, Post-Doc
  • Aaron Fafarman, Research Assistant
  • Katy Wong, NYU Undergraduate Student
  • Shareen Farooqi, NYU Undergraduate Student
  • Antonio Ramos, NYU Undergraduate Student
  • Tracey Spencer, NYU Undergraduate Student
  • Charles Kaczarek, NYU Undergraduate Student
  • Kaitlyn Goalen, NYU Gallatin Undergraduate Student
  • Torben Heise, University of Nijmegen, Netherlands Visiting Undergraduate Student
  • Marcus Hoop, University of Bremen, Germany REU Student
  • Stephanie London, Brown University REU Student
  • Omayma Kishk, University of Mississippi REU Student
  • Anatte Kormendi, Bennington College Visiting Undergraduate Student
  • Ani Kicheva, Bennington College Visiting Undergraduate Student
  • Ryan Johnson, Bennington College Visiting Undergraduate Student
  • Hoi Wai Chau, ACS Project Seed High School Student
  • Sarah Marmon, High School Student
  • Brian Groudan, High School Student