Group Members

Dilani Chathurika Dehigaspitiya

Post-Doctoral Researcher
BS, Chemistry, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
PhD, Organic Chemistry, University of Arizona
Research Interests: Chathurika’s research focuses on design and synthesis of multivalent peptidomimetic conjugates as inhibitors of androgen receptor function and prostate cancer growth. In addition, she collaborate with colleagues to develop peptoid nanosheets.

Ran Drori

Ran Drori
Post-Doctoral Researcher with Profs Bart Kahr and Mike Ward 
BS, Biotechnology, Tel Hai Academic College
MS, Plant Pathology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
PhD, Biochemistry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Research Interests: Ran is studying new ways to control ice growth and ice recrystallization using biomimetic peptoids. This study involves the design and synthesis of novel peptoids, and the examination of their interaction with ice crystals using a custom-made cold stage and microfluidics.

Amanda Kasper

Post-Doctoral Researcher
BS, Chemistry (French Minor), University of Pittsburgh
PhD, Chemistry, Duke University
Research Interests: Amanda’s current research focuses on the design, use, and evaluation of peptidomimetics to determine their efficacy as androgen receptor antagonists in the pursuit of developing new therapies for castration-resistant prostate cancer.

Danielle Nalband

Danielle Nalband
Chemistry Graduate Student
BA, Chemistry, Hampshire College
MS, Chemistry, New York University
Research Interests: Danielle studies collagen peptidomimetics and metallopeptoid complexes.

Alan Liu

Alan Liu
Chemistry Graduate Student
BS, Chemistry, Binghamton University
Research Interests: Alan is developing the design and synthesis of macrocyclic antimicrobial peptoids.

James Eastwood

James Eastwood
Chemistry Graduate Student
BS, Nanosystems Engineering, Louisiana Tech University
Research Interests: James is interested in developing computational tools for designing macromolecular peptoids with well-defined structure.

Jeffrey Schneider

Jeffrey Schneider MD/PhD Student with Prof. Susan Logan
BS, Chemistry, Haverford College
Research Interests: Jeff explores the biological activity of peptoid inhibitors targeting protein-protein interactions in prostate cancer.

Antalya Jano

Antalya Jano
Undergraduate Student
Research Interests: Antalya is working with Chathurika to synthesize cyclic peptoids as effective scaffolds for multivalent ligand display.

Tessa Epstein

Tessa Epstein
REU Summer Intern
Bowdoin College
Research Interests:Tessa designs, synthesizes and tests peptoids with photoswitchable secondary structures.

Group Alumni

  • Harry Bergman, Research Technician 2016-2017
  • Mallika Tatikola, BS Chemistry 2016
  • Rushna Quddus, MS Chemistry 2016
  • Timothy Craven, PhD Chemistry 2016, Currently a Post-Doc at the University of Washington
  • Prof. Adam Profit, Visiting Professor from York College/CUNY 2014-15
  • Michael Haugbro, Undergraduate Researcher
  • Peter Smith, Undergraduate Researcher
  • Katharina Peschko, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Visiting graduate Student 2014-15
  • Joost Lamain, Raboud University Nijmegen Visiting MS Student 2014
  • Paul Levine, PhD Chemistry 2014, Currently a Post-Doc at USC
  • Sam Fredericks, High School Student Summer 2014
  • Justin Leh, MS Chemistry 2011-2014
  • Jens Engel-Andreasen, Technical University of Denmark Visiting PhD Student 2013-2014
  • Haley Smith, NYU Abu Dhabi Undergraduate Student Summer 2013
  • Jonas Laursen, Technical University of Denmark Visiting PhD Student 2012-2013
  • Emily Stein, NYU Undergraduate Student 2012-2013
  • Mia Huang, MS Biology 2008, PhD Chemistry 2012, Currently a Post-Doc at UCSD
  • Bishwajit Paul, PhD Chemistry 2012
  • Dr. Arjel Bautista, Post-Doc 2011
  • Nancy Hom, PhD Chemistry 2011
  • Abhinav Rohatgi, NYU Undergraduate Student 2011
  • Peter Jordan, PhD Student, Yale University
  • Justin Holub, PhD Chemistry 2009, Currently an Assistant Professor at Ohio University
  • Yeliz Utku,PhD Chemistry 2009
  • Li-Kai Liu, MS Biology 2009
  • Neel Shah, NYU Undergraduate Student 2008, Currently a Post-Doc at UC Berkeley
  • Sung Bin Shin, MS Biology 2004, PhD Chemistry 2008
  • Barney Yoo, PhD Chemistry 2008
  • Keren Imberg, MS Biology 2007
  • Hangjun Jang, PhD Chemistry 2007, MD/PhD Student
  • Dr. Elizabeth Anderson, Post-Doc
  • Dr. Galia Maayan, Post-Doc
  • Aaron Fafarman, Research Assistant
  • Katy Wong, NYU Undergraduate Student
  • Shareen Farooqi, NYU Undergraduate Student
  • Antonio Ramos, NYU Undergraduate Student
  • Tracey Spencer, NYU Undergraduate Student
  • Charles Kaczarek, NYU Undergraduate Student
  • Kaitlyn Goalen, NYU Gallatin Undergraduate Student
  • Torben Heise, University of Nijmegen, Netherlands Visiting Undergraduate Student
  • Marcus Hoop, University of Bremen, Germany REU Student
  • Stephanie London, Brown University REU Student
  • Omayma Kishk, University of Mississippi REU Student
  • Anatte Kormendi, Bennington College Visiting Undergraduate Student
  • Ani Kicheva, Bennington College Visiting Undergraduate Student
  • Ryan Johnson, Bennington College Visiting Undergraduate Student
  • Hoi Wai Chau, ACS Project Seed High School Student
  • Sarah Marmon, High School Student
  • Brian Groudan, High School Student