Here’s a selection of journal articles with links.  For copies of anything that’s not here, please email me!

Reversing the Marginalization of Global Environmental Politics in International Relations: An Opportunity for the Discipline PS: Political Science and Politics (with Thomas Hale) (2017)

Don’t Link Carbon Markets Nature (2017)

Transnational Delegation in Global Environmental Governance: When do non-state actors govern? Regulation and Governance (2017)

Blurred Lines: Public-Private Interactions in Carbon Regulations,  International Interactions  (2017)

Unbundling the Regime Complex: The Effects of Private Authority Transnational Environmental Law (with Graeme Auld) (2017)

Organizational Ecology and Institutional Change in Global Governance International Organization  (with Kenneth Abbott and Robert Keohane) (2016)

The Strength of Weakness: Pseudo-Clubs in the Climate Regime Climatic Change (2015)

A balance of bottom-up and top-down in linking climate policies Nature Climate Change (With Thomas Sterner and Gernot Wagner). (2014)

Order out of Chaos: Public and Private Rules for Managing Carbon Global Environmental Politics (2013)

Protecting Sovereignty, Protecting the Planet: State Delegation to International Organizations and Private Actors in Environmental Politics Governance (with Jeff Colgan) (2013)

Private Standards in the Climate Regime: The Greenhouse Gas Protocol Business and Politics  (2010)

Delegation and Accountability in the Clean Development Mechanism: The New Authority of Non-state Actors Journal of International Law and International Relations (2010)