Blogs and Opinion

I also blog occasionally for the Monkey Cage at the Washington Post. Links to other commentary pieces in the news are also included below.


November 6, 2017, “What’s next for the Paris Agreement?” (The Monkey Cage)

June 1, 2017, “Forum on Paris Withdrawal” (Duck of Minerva)

April 7, 2017 “Why IR needs the environment and the environment needs IR” (Duck of Minerva)

April 6, 2017, “Don’t Link Carbon Markets” (

February 10, 2017, “The Trump administration can’t entirely role back progress on climate change.  Here’s why.”  (The Monkey Cage)

October 14, 2016, “The world is about to get tough on aviation emissions.  Here’s what you need to know.” (The Monkey Cage)

April 25, 2016, “Do we really need a new UN Oceans Treaty? Yes, and here’s why.” (The Monkey Cage)

December 1, 2015, “Wondering what’s different about the climate change negotiations? 5 things you need to know about Paris.” (The Monkey Cage)

June 25, 2015, “Pope Francis weighs in on climate change. How do his proposals measure up?” (The Monkey Cage)

December 1, 2014, “A realistic policy to linking carbon markets” (The Monkey Cage)