cropped-Jeff01.jpgI am a PhD Graduand at New York University’s Wilf Family Department of Politics. I completed my thesis defense on Sept. 8, 2016. My research focuses on conflict and leadership models. I have examined military resource division, rational wars, and conflict negotiation. I have considered leadership models of barriers to entry for businesses, genocide, and the rule of law. I have taught introductory statistics for graduate and undergraduates, and believes in applying education research to engage students and stimulate critical thinking. I am prepared to teach statistics, including advanced methods such as network analysis and event history analysis, introductory game theory, and international relations, particularly regarding conflict and war.

Prior to graduate school, I worked in software quality assurance for 13 years. I contracted with the US Department of State, spending two months in the Green Zone of Bahgdad, Iraq, in 2007. Some time ago I finished a culinary arts degree and was a baker for two years, but I still enjoy cooking nonetheless. In my spare time, I works on visiting all the US National Parks.