Undergraduate politics classes at NYU

Examining the 2016 Election – Inequality, Populism, and Voting. Data Fellow. Advanced seminar for juniors and seniors in American politics led by Jonathan Nagler.

Introduction to Political Theory. Teaching assistant to Dimitri Landa. Introduces students to some outstanding theories of politics. Among the theorists we read are Aristotle, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Mill, Marx, and Rawls.

Biology of Politics. Teaching assistant to Christopher T. Dawes.

Senior Honors Seminar. Teaching assistant to Anna Harvey & Christopher T. Dawes.

Undergraduate economics classes taught at Harvard

Economics 970: Experiments in Economics. Instructor (syllabus, Spring 2011).

Economics 1030: Psychology and Economics. Teaching assistant to David Laibson and Andrei Shleifer. The reading list for this very popular class should be still accessible online. If it is taken down, feel free to email me.

Principles of Economics. Teaching assistant to David Laibson, Daron Acemoglu, John List and Bruce Watson. Harvard Summer School, 2010.

Freshman Seminar 40u: Dealing with Financial Crises. Assistant to Ken Rogoff. Reading list.

Economics 980p: International Trade Policy. Assistant to Elhanan Helpman (syllabus, Fall 2010).

University of Chicago

Big Data. Teaching assistant to Matt Taddy (syllabus, Spring 2014).