Jan Zilinsky studies economic sentiment, social media, and political behavior.



Democratic Deconsolidation Revisited. Forthcoming in Research & Politics.

The Happiness Gap in Eastern Europe with Simeon Djankov and Elena NikolovaJournal of Comparative Economics

Summary: Financial Times blog. Ungated pre-print: SSRNBibTex citation.

Working papers

Learning About Income Inequality: What is the Impact of Information on Perceptions of Fairness and Preferences for Redistribution?

Ungated pdf: SSRN. Press coverage: The EconomistBloomberg.

Other Research

Economic Policy

Higher Wages for Low-Income Workers Lead to Higher Productivity with Justin Wolfers. Reproduced in Newsweek

Press coverage: The AtlanticVoxWall Street JournalBloomberg.

Reducing Government Debt Ratios in an Era of Low Growth with Paolo MauroPeterson Institute Policy Brief

Press coverage: Wall Street Journal.

Short methodological notes

Fiscal Tightening and Economic Growth with Paolo MauroPeterson Institute Policy Brief.