NYU Box: Reduce Unintended Disclosure via Link Sharing

Please be advised/reminded when sharing folders or files via NYU Box, the Box “Share” option, “Get Shared Link” (shown below), which appears to the right of listed folders/files is by default restricted to “People in this folder” (click “Get Shared Link” to see this option).

Screenshot showing the "Get Shared Link" option circled in red. The other option displaying is "Invite Collaborators"

This selection can be changed via the drop-down arrow to the right, to “People with the link” or “People in your company” (as shown below).

Screenshot showing the above-described NYU Box dialog

Please be advised/reminded that if you select, “People with the link” as your share setting you are making the data contained in the folder/file publicly accessible to not only those provided with the link, but anyone who discovers the link. Public folders/documents can be scraped and indexed by search engines, making them easily found. Therefore, it is recommended that if you choose “People with the link” as your share option for any file/folder you additionally visit “Settings” via the gear icon on the top right of the dialog (as shown below), and select either the “Require password” or “Disable Shared Link on” option.

Screenshot of NYU Box dialog showing the "People with the link" share setting and the "Settings" icon on the top right

Screenshot of NYU Box dialog "Shared Link Settings" showing the following options "Custom URL", "Password Protect', "Link Expiration" & "Allow Download", which is auto-selected by default. A red arrow points to "Password Protect" and "Link Expiration".


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